Lithium LiFePO4 Batteries


LIONTRON® LiFePO4 batteries

Batteries for highest demands

LIONTRON® LiFePO4 battery is an adequate lead battery replacement equipped with all advantages of the lithium iron phosphate technology.

Maximum safety and long usage is guaranteed, even with regular deep discharge.
This technology enables a high cycle life, which makes this battery an ideal traction battery.

  • Drop-In replacement for lead-acid batteries
  • Very high weight savings
  • Absolutely safe lithium technique
  • Maximum service life of more than 3000 cycles
  • Long-lasting modular construction
  • Integrated BMS with bluetooth control

Makes the ice melt

Suitable up to

-30° degrees

Easy service.
sustainable. ressource efficient.

To ensure our customers an operating life far beyond of warranty time, we count on a consistent modular construction method. If required, all components of the battery can be exchanged without special tools. Operational components may remain unchanged. This enables inexpensive fixing and it saves ressources.

  • Easy opening through unscrewing
  • No glued case. No welded cells.
  • Exchange of all components possible
  • 7 years manufacturer´s warranty
  • Spare parts available over a time period of 10 years
  • No invironment-impairing heavy metals

Bluetooth monitoring
Battery status on your phone.

With the integrated Bluetooth monitoring, you always have all important battery data at a glance on your smartphone or tablet.